Cloud- & Data-Service

Tools for Independence

Videos and maps not appearing, ineffective spam protection, missing figures in the website statistics - all this has something to do with Europe and the GDPR.

Many free services are affected by this because they transfer data to third countries that are unsafe according to the GDPR (e.g. the USA) and also match data for marketing purposes in order to earn money in other ways. These are both reasons why active and voluntary consent must be obtained.

Decling acceptance rates - eg. Background Video

Consent-Rate / DSGVO / GDPR - Video-Result (60 % dropping) © echonet communication

This should not be the look of a website

This - seen in the picture - happens when you obey the law (GDPR) and have a video service that can only be used with active consent.

Over 42% of people who visited the website stopped watching videos due to a lack of GDPR consent. Clearly, it was time to become independent and create our own service that is GDPR-compliant by design.

Voluntary consent to your content?

The echonet cloud services are an important tool for becoming independent in the digital ecosystem.

Many websites use free tools for video, statistics, maps (...). However, where no money flows, there is a different business model (data, marketing) behind it. The GDPR requires active, voluntary consent for these services (aka "cookie banner").

Without voluntary consent ...

  • no YouTube- or Vimeo-Player
  • no Bing- or Google-Maps
  • no Statistik with Analytics & Co
  • no reCAPTCHA for Spam-Protection

Just because many services are free doesn't mean you don't have to work and invest in them.

It's a pity because ...

  • Video productions are complex and expensive.
    It's bad if a lot of people don't see the videos.
  • Maps help people to find your location.
    It's bad if lots of people don't see the maps.
  • Website statistics should provide complete figures.
    Bad if many people are not counted.
  • Spam protection helps against form spam.
    It's bad if you have to ask the spam bot for permission.

Solution with own services

We could list more things, but you get the gist of what it's all about for you and your website.

echonet has started to set up its own cloud and data services as the next layer around its own product range. The result is an ecosystem for you that is independent of consent. We call these services "Feature as a Service" (FaaS) and "Data as a Service" (DaaS).

This is the path we are taking with you to independence.

Features as a Service

  • Internationalisierung Website © echonet communication, Google INEGI, Jason Leung / Unsplash

    Translato Translation

    Service that allows texts to be translated directly into other languages in the CMS, directly via the API.

  • Search, Chaos, Order © Brett Jordan / Unsplash

    Omega Search

    A full-text search for websites that is operated as a complete system on a powerful index server.

  • Old Phones / GSM / Mobile Phones / SMS © echonet communication

    Send SMS via Web

    Verification of accounts or information on important actions such as orders is sent by SMS.

  • Webforms - Mailto-Forms / Formulare im Web © echonet communication

    Form Spam-Protection

    Protection for forms against spam robots via CAPTCHA: also GDPR-compliant with this system.

  • meteostats | Floating-Screens © echonet communication

    Web page Statistics

    Real numbers without GDPR consent with the website statistics operated in Vienna (AT).

Why echonet Cloud-Services?

Cloud-Services and echonet Products

In contrast to echonet products, echonet cloud services are created on the basis of external software. echonet products are developed in-house in our digital workshop. The following applies to the cloud services: echonet creates the interfaces and, for some services, also the technical operation / server (e.g. website statistics).

You could therefore also bypass echonet's cloud services and take care of them yourself, as you have the same option of procuring this software as we do. You can operate your own servers for this and also have corresponding interfaces developed - also by us. If you use a lot of software, it may be cheaper for you to use your own service or server - especially if you have your own in-house IT department.

This can be attractive in terms of costs, but you will create a number of construction sites around your website that you will then have to manage yourself.

Questions and Answers ...

Can I operate these services myself or have them connected to the web system?

Yes, you can. All of echonet's cloud services are not a "secret", they are officially available services, software or API interfaces.

What advantages do I have if I do this myself without echonet?

If you have a very high consumption, this can be financially cheaper for you - at least for normal operation.

What are the disadvantages of doing it myself and not using echonet cloud services?

If the software needs an update, the interface is changed by the company or organization providing it or the capacities (storage space...) are exhausted, you will also have to take care of this yourself. You can also commission us to do this, but such adjustments can quickly take a person-day and thus completely destroy the cost advantage.

GDPR conformity and credit carryover per year

Calculation over the calendar year ...

All "Features as a Service" (FaaS) have a monthly fee that is based on consumption. Additional costs incurred if consumption is exceeded are only charged if consumption was too high over the entire calendar year. So if you consume less in April and more in July, you take the credit from April with you. Only if the total for the year is too high will you be charged subsequently.

Works without consent ...

All echonet cloud services are designed in such a way that - as long as they are services on the website itself - they also work without consent in accordance with the GDPR. This means that the content or statistics created with them are also comprehensive and not only available to those users of the website who have explicitly consented. This creates statistics with real numbers, but it also creates content that is seen by everyone.

Development & Roadmap

Further development of cloud & data services

Work is continuing on echonet's cloud services. You can take a look behind the scenes at echonet here in the cloud services and data services roadmap.

[Q2 2024, FaaS meteotube] A dedicated video service will be connected to echonet's content management system via API. The service will accept direct uploads from the CMS. The videos are then converted in the echonet video system and made available on the website in an optimized format.

[Q2 2024, FaaS meteoguard] The active and GDPR-compliant spam protection for form systems is integrated into the CMS contentlife 4 and can therefore be added to the respective contracts. The connection to the external system is first implemented on the test and staging environments and then transferred to the live system.

[Q3 2024, FaaS meteostreets] A connection to the echonet map service is established in the echonet CMS via geolocation. The maps can then be automatically integrated and displayed on the respective website. Due to the technology, the maps do not require consent in accordance with the GDPR.